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Watch Man Drives World’s Smallest Car Across the UK

Alex Orchin crammed into Peel P50 for the 874-mile trip.

Alex Orchin crammed into his Peel P50- Katielee Arrowsmith/SWNS

Good deeds and noble acts have no limits, even if they cause some sore back and aching knees.

Alex Orchin, 31, spent hours every day for three weeks driving the world’s smallest car over 1,400 miles across Britain. The classic car fan traveled in 4ft 4in-long Peel P50 which is according to Guinness World Records the world’s smallest production car.

His journey started in Scotland on November 13 in the single-seater, three-wheel car to raise almost £10,000 for Children in Need.

The car went on race tracks, to the staterooms at Warwick Castle, and reached the top of the Blackpool Tower.

“The reception we’ve had from start to end has been incredible.” Orchin said, “People have bought me fuel, they’ve bought supplies for the road, it’s been the most remarkable experience”.

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Since there is no space for any luggage, a friend took a mission to follow him in a camper van used as a support vehicle. When Peel company heard about this trip, it provided Alex with a fresh engine as a nice gesture.

Peel P50 has a top speed of just 23mph. Peel Engineering Company built the car in the 1960s. The company resumed production in 2011 with 40 cc single-cylinder gasoline and electric motor versions. It costs nearly £14,000.
The car caught Alex’s eyes and heart in 2007 after seen seeing another P50 on Top Gear in 2007.
‘I can’t believe that little car has managed it,’ he said. ‘What an achievement.’

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