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The First Superyacht NFT Sold for $12M

the first Superyacht NFT

The first Superyacht NFT designed by Gregory C. Marshall is sold for $12M- Superyacht Times

Yachts fans expand their activities into NFT space. The first NFT Superyacht was recently sold by Cloud Yachts for $12M.

Since the NFT comes with its own Tactical yacht, it’s easy to expect more luxury goods that NFT-backed of the highest caliber in the industry.

Moreover, Cloud Yachts made the first digital yacht dealer project in the Metaverse. First, the designers create
incredible nautical designs. After that, they put them on sale. Once agreed, it will be time to start building and making these designs a reality.

Essentially, the buyer will transfer the payment off-chain, since the NFT represents a contract for the build. Cloud, for example, sold its first NFT item, which is a 110-foot (33.5 meters) superyacht. Now, Tactical the shipbuilding firm is going to start the building process to turn the design into a real superyacht.

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For the next 3 years, Tactical will be busy building the incredible yacht. However, during the building, the buyer can add some customizations to the under the structural ship. Once it finishes, the owner, who is an unnamed Texan businessman, will receive his yacht along with a second NFT for good measure.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the build experience for our clients. We teamed up with Cloud Yachts to see if we could use NFTs to simplify a complex build process. The first client we presented the opportunity to love the idea. We are excited to work with the owner, Greg Marshall, and Cloud Yachts on this NFT new build project.” Tim Charles, CEO of Tactical Custom Boats said.

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