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Watch the First Innovative and Futuristic Flying Yacht Soaring Above Water

the First Innovative and Futuristic Flying Yacht

A prototype of a flying Yacht | PININFARINA NAUTICAL

Pininfarina in collaboration with Persico Marine and Carkeek Design Partners created this super-fast, light-weight, 70-foot boat.

Designed to “fly on water”, that’s how Pininfarina Nautical described the new boat. The Persico F70, an“ultra-fast, lightweight, fully foiling” 21.3-meter racing yacht. It’s a flying yacht that can fly on the water.

F70 is not a typical yacht, It is “ultra-fast” but also very luxurious. Therefore, only the most distinguished and surly wealthy sailor will end up owning it.

Whether the owner wishes to race or cruise, The Persico F70 could be a good choice. They will use carbon composite, with a sleek exterior and a contemporary comfort interior to make the flying yacht.

Pininfarina Nautical chief yacht designer, Daniele Mazzon, said that inspiration was drawn from the AC75s to “create a yacht as stylish as it is high-tech.”

To make the ship light and strong, the boat has long, full foiled sails. These sails can open and close if required. So, when they open, they will be in “full flight mode” at a wind speed of only 10 knots (18.5 km per hour). The Persico F70 hyper-boat will also be equipped with an electric engine, but for necessary use.

This hyper-boat uses similar technology as the AC75 foiling monohulls that recently competed in the 2021 America’s Cup. Which is the fastest and most complicated race boat in the race’s history.

Whether you like boats or not, this hyper-boat will surely drive your attention, but would you want to try it?

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