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The Anonymous Declares ‘Cyber War’ Against Russian Government Websites

The Anonymous

The Anonymous - Aleksandr Birjukov/ Flickr

As a reaction against Russia’s decision for a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the hacking group known as Anonymous has declared ‘cyber war’ against Vladimir Putin’s government. This operation is aiming to take down It also targeted the websites of the Kremlin the Russian government, and the Russian defense ministry.

The cyber group, who wears Guy Fawkes masks, tweeted their intentions shortly before 10 pm last night saying, “The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber war against the Russian government.”

Just after 30 minutes, the Anonymous announced that they’d taken down the website of Russian-backed TV channel RT.

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RT, which broadcasts in Britain, is covering the situation in Ukraine from a pro-Russian perspective. It even shows fireworks and cheerful celebrations in the newly occupied areas.

However, the RT website confirmed the attack. It said it slowed down some websites. while others turned offline for “extended periods of time”.

Robert Potter, an Internet security expert, said that the distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack used involved multiple systems flooding a targeted website to prevent other traffic from getting through.

“It’s like trying to run five people through a door at the same time,” Potter said.

Moreover, the Anonymous’s cyber war declaration against Putin got a positive response from people on social media.

The Anonymous has been linked to online attacks around the world. Their aim is to ‘punish’ governments for their policies of which the hackers disapprove.

Previously, the hacking group targeted many foundations like the Ku Klux Klan and Islamic extremists. It even warned Tesla founder Elon Musk that they may target him after saying that he had huge power over the cryptocurrency markets.

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