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Thai Villagers Pull out 16 ft Snake From a Drain

Thai villagers pulling out a snake

Thai villagers pulling out a snake - ViralPress

A 16ft-long python attracted dozens of villagers in Phattalung Province, Thailand.

One of the residents spotted the snake on January 7, when it was slithering across the road.

Today the same snake was found stuck in a drain, which was trying so hard to get out, but it couldn’t because of its thick body.

A woman who was driving her car noticed a weird movement so with curiosity she got down the car and saw the snake.

Dozens of people, crowded over to see the massive creature and may have some photos for remembrance.

With ropes and bamboos, the Thai villagers rescue the python from the drain, but to no avail.

They thought to try the tug-of-war technique and started to drag the poor snake out of the drain hole. Fortunately, they succeed to pull it out. The courageous villagers put the snake into a fertilizer bag and free it to the wild.

A man from the crowd said: ‘I’m glad we managed to pull it out and free it somewhere far away from our neighborhood. If it stayed here, it’d be eating the chickens and piglets.”

It’s not the first time that Thailand has wetness giant animals. Last month, a monster lizard break into a family house through their door in Samut Prakan province, Thailand, and reached their living room.

The 5ft-long creature crawled across their sofa, while they were preparing the dinner, then it runs through the exit.

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