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Tesla Stock Price Drops After Elon Musk Poll to Sell His Shares Was Voted Yes

Elon Musk and Tesla Logo

Elon Musk's Tesla stock price drops | Image source: NVIDIA Corporation - Flickr

Tesla shares drop after Elon Musk’s Twitter followers said Yes to selling his stocks.

Tesla declined after its CEO’sTwitter followers voted in favor of selling 10 percent of his shares in the company.

Elon Musk gave people the option to vote “Yes” or “No” and premised to abide by the results, whichever way it went. Some 3,519,252 people responded, 58 percent, a majority of 3.5 million Twitter users said they’d support such a sale.

Elon Musk Poll about selling 10% of his Tesla shares | Source Elon Musk Twitter account.

“I was prepared to accept either outcome,”  Musk said in a tweet after the poll closed. But he didn’t know that Behind his Twitter Poll Is a Tax Bill Coming Due

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