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Tesla Recalls Nearly Half a Million Cars To Fix Couple of Issues

Tesla's Factory

Tesla's Factory - SAUD AL-OLAYAN/ Flickr

More than half a million Tesla vehicles were recalled due to fix defects in camera systems and trunks.

The automaker has recalled all Model 3 units released between 2017 and 2020, and certain Model S cars reported Reuters.

The reason is that the repeated use of the trunk could damage the cable for the rearview camera. That’s means, too much use of the truck may lose the entire signal. As for Model S, 119,009 cars this issue may prevent the front trunk from fully closed, and it may pop open in the middle of a drive.

For those who made relevant repairs before the recalls, Tesla said that it will compensate them.

There is no information about any Tesla crashes or injuries because of these defects. However, the company will make a check on different issues, including an NHTSA investigation over Autopilot safety,  touchscreens, and quality problems like panel gaps.

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