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Tesla Bot Team Is Looking for Job Seekers

Tesla Bot

Tesla Bot - Tesla Inc.

Do you remember the dancer in the presentation of Tesla Bot at AI Day back in August? It seems that we going to see the real mechanical robot very soon.
Most of us thought that it was just a joke since we know the sense of humor of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. A lot of analysts said that this robot will never see the light.

In fact, Tesla has been posting jobs for the Bot team consistently. The electric vehicle company started its robot revolution and you can be in the Tesla Bot team.

Tesla is looking for job seekers to fill a number of positions in the Bot team.  The company has posted new jobs on its Careers page. All are located in California except one located in Austin, Texas.

Chris Walti is now the company’s Manager of the Mobile Robotics team.

According to a recent job posting, the vacancy in Austin is for a test engineer to help build and design “humanoid bi-pedal robots,”. It’s a great opportunity for mechanical or computer engineers to get involved in an ambitious field.

The test engineer will “develop test processes, data infrastructure, test equipment, and automated test scripts” as the job posting says.

If you are interested in robot sciences, don’t miss Tesla’s Mobile Robotics internships. Many positions like Autonomy, Software Engineering, Firmware Engineering, Controls Engineering are open
for the Summer of 2022.

About Tesla Bot

“It’s intended to be friendly, of course, and navigate through a world of humans, and eliminate dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks,” Musk said.

The Bot is five foot eight inches tall, and has a screen where the head is for useful information, Musk said. Tesla is designing it so that humans will be able to run away from the robot or overpower it.

It will be able to carry 45 pounds, lift 150 pounds, and weigh 125 pounds. It can run 5 miles per hour.

Musk said the robot was not intended to help with Tesla’s manufacturing, but that Tesla is developing a lot of the computers needed for robotics, so it makes sense for Tesla to build a robot.

The robot would use the same artificial intelligence that Tesla uses in its self-driving vehicles.

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