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Spider-Vehicles From the Swincar are Perfect for All Roads

Spider-Vehicles From the Swincar

Spider-Vehicles From the Swincar are Perfect for All Roads - Swincar

Do you like driving on rough terrains? Then, you will definitely love the Swincar. It’s a tilting electric four-wheeler, with a hub motor on each wheel. The Swincar has a “pendulum” suspension system that lets it dance off-road.

In every wheel there is a multi-joint suspension arm, that is capable to lift the wheel above the body of the car. Which will make the cabin relatively steady while crossing ditches as the wheels move in all directions.

The original e-Swincar can get to a total of 4 kW (5.3 hp) and topped out at a modest 30 km/h (18.6 mph). Some of its amazing features are that it can lean into turns like a motorcycle, it also can climb gradients steeper than 50 percent. Moreover, the Swincar can ride laterally along gradients over 50 percent with the cabin level, and incredibly splitting its wheels.

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The French company is now offering a new lineup that includes e-Spider, e-Spider Tandem, and e-Spider Mobility versions.

The new changes in the Tandem are, a passenger seat, 50 percent bigger motors for a total of 6 kW (8 hp), a bit of reinforcement around the suspension, and a separate brake lever for the rear wheels.

They didn’t forget the disabled drivers, with the Mobility version they offer a reclining rally seat and a safety harness. All the controls are grouped around the steering wheel to make it totally hand-operable.

The Swincar prices start at $14,200 for the regular e-Spider and $17,000 for the Tandem.

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