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SpaceX Is Ready for a New Record With a Set of Starlink Launches 

SpaceX's drone ship "A Shortfall of Gravitas"

SpaceX's drone ship "A Shortfall of Gravitas" - Elon MuskTwitter

SpaceX is preparing for a new launch for Starlink 4-3 no at 6:20 pm EST on Wednesday, December 1st. The launch will be from the space company’s latest drone ship.

This mission, which is set to take off from the Atlantic Ocean, will break SpaceX’s record for its annual launch.

A bunch of delays made the schedule of Starlink’s launches is a little bit difficult to understand. For a mystery reason, Starlink 4-3, the batch of 53 laser-linked V1.5 satellites is going to be launched before Starlink 4-2. And Starlink 2-3 is scheduled to fly before Starlink 2-2 on the West Coast. This unstable order could be related to the latest introduction of Starlink’s new V1.5 satellite design, drone ship a Shortfall of Gravitas’ (ASOG).

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In the first six months of this year, Starlink launched 20 times. And only three times in the whole third quarter of 2021. Saving the best for last, SpaceX scheduled five of Starlink’s missions to launch in December. Starlink 4-3 will only be the start for SpaceX to write a new chapter in the history of satellite launches.

However, with this satellite, Starlink will mark 951 Starlink satellites sailing in the orbit since January 20th. In 2020 SpaceX launched approximately 1283 satellites into orbit, which is slightly more than this year, with nearly 1240 satellites in 2021.

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