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A New Tech Creating Real-Life Pain Experiences for the Metaverse

A wristband

This wristband could be key to you feeling pain in the metaverse - H2L

H2L Technologies, a Sony-backed Japanese start-up company, is now working to create a real-life pain experienced in the metaverse. The innovation the company is trying to make is a metaverse wristband. Basically, it should be used with a VR headset.

The wristband will allow the users to feel sensations like pain and the weight of objects in the virtual world. The wearer’s arm muscles will have the feelings by electrically stimulating.

H2L Technologies said that the user will feel different sensations. Like a weight in their hands or their skin being pinched.

That idea came to Emi Tamaki, the CEO of H2L Technologies. After having a near-death experience when she was a teen. She suffered from a cardiac condition. Tamaki thought up linking her physical experiences to computers.
“Feeling pain enables us to turn the metaverse world into a real [world], with increased feelings of presence and immersion.” She said

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However, Tamaki is a haptic technologies researcher, which means she is a specialist in tech that involves a sense of touch. One of her ambitions is to “release humans from any sort of constraint in terms of space, body and time”.

Tamaki’s attempt isn’t the only one. Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta is also working on a similar concept by a vibrating glove that could help to feel sensations.

The researcher thinks that someone may want to remember how it feels to throw a ball with a loved one, pain and all.

“People like me, who cannot go out often because I don’t have enough muscle due to heart disease, can travel anywhere, anytime.” She said

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