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OK Superyacht, a Semi-Submersible Yacht That Can Fit 70 Toys

OK Superyacht

OK Superyacht - Karmarine Shipyard

One of the most talk-about yacht launches of the season was the one that Karmarine Shipyard made last month. OK superyacht, a semi-submersible yacht that mixed between superyacht and a luxurious shadow vessel.

Timur Bozca, who is an established designer with great experience in both the naval and automotive industry, is the designer of this yacht. Because of the secretive circumstances of the launch, very few details about the OK superyacht are available online. According to The Sun, the price could be a little over $40 million.

OK Superyacht features

What makes this superyacht very special, is that it’s semi-submersible, with the biggest open deck possibly ever. With a really wild space, 146 meters (479 feet), that could fit 70 toys, and luxurious amenities.

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As Bozca explained, the OK Superyacht is not a new build. Actually, Oshima Shipbuilding built it in Japan 1982, it was a support vessel Super Servant 3. Then it was turned into an elegant yacht as we see it today.

The 3,300 square meters deck is a perfect space for a variety of purposes. Like a tennis court, a racing track, and it could be an open-air garage for water and land gear.
It also contains a 40-ton crane and a vertical wind turbine.

By using ballast tanks, the surface of the yacht can be submerged almost 70% underwater. That technique is used to serve as docking for seaplanes or yachts.

The OK Superyacht could be a perfect shadow vessel for another superyacht. Honestly, It can be perfect too as its own mothership. It fits 20 guests and whatever crew is necessary. In addition to an outdoor cinema, a botanical garden, three aquariums, a jacuzzi, and a glass-wall pool.

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