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Elon Musk Believes All Species on Earth Will Die When the Sun Expands

Elon Musk thinks about life on earth

Elon Musk - thaddeus cesari, Flickr

Have you thought before about how Mr. Musk found the time to be active on Twitter? But this time he makes a serious and maybe scary Tweet. His tweet is about life on Earth. This time he retweeted a paper in Biological Reviews titled The Sixth Mass Extinction: truth, fiction or hypothesis?.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said that the growth of the Sun may lead to the extinction of all species on the Earth, and that will make the interplanetary residing a requirement. This paper is warning about mass extinction due to human exercise.

In Summary, the paper said that there have been 5 mass extinctions on Earth till now, and the sixth one is already here. The sad thing is that we as humans are the main reason for the ongoing mass extinction.  It also said that approximately 260,000 species might have been lost.

What is wrong with our Sun? Cornell University’s website said that when the Sun runs out of hydrogen to burn, it will develop and it even can cover the Earth too. Musk pointed that ‘all’ species on the planet is in danger of this growth.

As it knows the Elon Musk’s SpaceX is the best workable option to make a human civilization in other plants possible. But he didn’t mention any details about how to avoid this catastrophe. For Elon Musk, life should not be limited just on Earth.

It will be more effective to think about how to help our beautiful planet not just to think about how to run away.

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