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Millions of Trees are Required to Offset NFT’s Carbon Emissions


It Would Take Millions of Trees To Offset Carbon For NFTs- Kohei314/ Flickr

NFT Club, which is an NFT education company, made a research about the number of trees require to offset NFT’s carbon emissions.
The research found that it requires 4 million trees to offset CryptoKitties’ carbon emission. According to the company, 240 million kilograms is the amount of carbon dioxide that CryptoKitties has produced so far.

NFT Club said that due to NFT minting and purchasing “an average NFT will produce 211kg of carbon dioxide” in a lifetime. On average, every single tree can offset 60kg of CO2. So, it will take 3.52 trees “to offset the life of an NFT”.

Moreover, the process of minting an NFT alone produces 83kg of carbon, as NFT Club claimed. But, minting is not the only reason for these emissions. every time someone places a bid for an NFT, 23kg of CO2 is produced. Also, 51kg of CO2 is out as every NFT sale. In addition to 30kg of CO2 when NFT transfer.

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An additional 81kg of CO2 is produced when selling a secondary NFT. This means 35 trees to offset this amount of carbon.

The top five NFT collections with the most carbon emissions according to NFT Club are:

In the first place came CryptoKitties. Then, Sorare by producing 35 million kg of CO2. Which would take 580,337 trees to offset it.
In third and fourth place came Axie Infinity and Art Blocks by produced 27 million kg and 23.1 million kg of CO2, respectively. It would take 461,951, and 385,451 trees to offset the carbon produced by them. Finally, The Sandbox is producing 11.6 million kg of its carbon emissions which require 192,912 trees to offset this.

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