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Lunaz UEV, the World’s First Upcycled Electric Vehicle

Lunaz UEV refuse truck

Lunaz UEV refuse truck - Lunaz

We already know what is an EV, but do you know what is the UEV? It is the acronym that Lunaz has used to describe the world’s first upcycled industrial electric vehicle. The company which was established in 2018, managed to raise $200 million to fund its project.

Lunaz’s latest product is a refuse truck. Although they aren’t traveling long distances, most of the refuse trucks have a diesel engine to power them. So, instead of scrapping old vehicles and building new ones, Lunaz suggesting to convert them to electric drive. By doing that, the company will manage to save 80 percent of embedded carbon by “upcycling” industrial vehicles like these.

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The company is going to employ 350 people, and it will be capable of delivering 1,100 units of the UEV per year. Even David Beckham invested in Lunaz by buying ten percent of stakes in the company.

Although the vehicle chassis and body were no longer new, the customers will receive a unit that will essentially be factory-new.

However, the trucks will get many different sized batteries, each depending on the duties planned for them. That would reduce the costs if we compared it to the acquisition of a new truck.

Lunaz UEV refuse truck – Lunaz

Lunaz has not specified how much it would cost to have a UEV, also it is unclear yet if the customers have to send their old truck over to be upcycled, or if there are going to be “donor” vehicles that will be obtained from different customers.

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