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Jet, a Luxury Flying Boat Will Be Launched in Dubai Next Year

The Jet flying boat

The Jet flying boat - TheJet ZeroEmission

It’s not the first time that we heard about a hydrogen-powered fast or even flying boat, but engineering students at the Delft University of Technology designed a new one that looks like a racing boat.

Jet is a new hydrogen fuel cell vessel, it’s a luxurious boat that can also fly, with an elegant design.

Alain Thebault, a French yachtsman, the holder of the world sailing speed record, and the inventor of L’Hydroptere, is also the founder of TheJet ZeroEmission. The aim of this company is to find ways to combine high-end water transportation and the latest eco-friendly technologies.

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The Jet is characterized by a sleek design and elegant silhouette. In addition to hydrogen fuel cells and hydrofoil technology. It also has automatic software controls for flight height, roll, and pitch.

This luxurious boat has the ability to fly 2.6 feet (80 cm) above the water. The take-off speed is 18 knots (20.7 mph/33 kph), and when cruising it reaches up to 40 knots (46 mph/74 kph).

Zenith Marine Services is going to build that boat in the UAE and will be launched next year in Dubai. That sounds to be a perfect place for the Jet. Dubai is one of the most glamorous spots in the world, it contains many high-end hotels and the richest people.

The current boat is enough for six to eight passengers. But there is a plan to create a bigger and more widely version called the Liner.

We can say that the launch of the flying boat in Dubai will be one of the most remarkable events.

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