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INSECTA Super Flying Car That Inspired by Nature



As technology continues to advance at a fast rapid pace, hopefully, we will be able to ride a flying car very soon. INSECTA gives a vision of future transportation and mobility. With this vehicle, there are no limits. It can travel via land, sea, and air.

We all know how much are drones become important to our modern life. And we’re waiting for the time when bigger drones will be able to carry humans.

Even if it uses sophisticated technology, the INSECTA definitely gets inspiration from nature. With impressive red color paint, the super flying car looks like a super-sized and aggressive drone.

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It needs a drone and an electric engine drive to propelled the INSECTA. While the elites can simply change it by expanding them up. To start charging, you need to rotate them 90 degrees which will transform into a wind turbine. After generating the energy generated it will be stored inside the power tank.

T+he concept of this vehicle is must be dependent on the science of flying insects. There is no mention of its //weight limit, but the INSECTA can carry up to four adults.

If bees can fly, then this drone can too. Due to their body and wing size, scientists say that it’s impossible for bees to fly. So the INSECTA may also do the impossible and become a reality.

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