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AeroMobil Flying Car Will Hit the Roads and Sky by 2023

AeroMobil flying car

AeroMobil flying car - AeroMobil

Through the years we have heard about many innovations of flying cars, but till nows, we didn’t see any in reality. Finally, one company decided to put a deadline to show off its flying car to the public for the first time. AeroMobil announced that its flying car will be available for purchase by 2023.

The Slovakian-based startup introduced the AeroMobil flying car concept in the early 2010s. AeroMobil presented its first prototype in 2013. The company developed the vehicle into AeroMobil AM 4.0, the fourth-gen model.

Does a flying car need a pilot license?

Flying cars are road cars that can fly with the press of a button, and turn the driver into a pilot. So it needs both flight and road certification. And of course, it requires training. The test flights with pilots report mentions that it’s “easy to fly and highly stable in flight”. For your safety In-flight mood, there is autopilot technology and a ballistic recovery parachute system.

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In less than three minutes, AeroMobil can switch from road to flying modes. That will happen just by folding out the sides wings. The flying car needs 400 meters (1,300 feet) to take and a distance of just 300 meters (980 feet) to land.

“equally at home on the road or in the sky.” that’s what The Slovakian company said on its website.

The AeroMobil flying car is 20 feet by 7 feet and has a 30-foot wingspan. It is kind of large for a car but considered small for a plane. As a road-worthy vehicle, The top speed in the ground will reach 160km/h and 260 kph in the air.

The flying car contains a hybrid system along with a turbocharged internal combustion engine that produces 300 bhp. Also, it has an adaptive transmission for either driving or flying mode.

The sleek design and the modern technology Inside give it the feel of futuristic and make it a sophisticated atmosphere.

The AeroMobil is set to release for private, highly discerning buyers (billionaires Mostly).

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