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Elon Musk and Space Ibiza Together to Launch SPACE, SPACE


ELON MUSK and SPACE IBIZA together TO LAUNCH SPACE, SPACE - Wikimedia Commons-Spongy101010

The former owner of Space Ibiza, Pepe Rosello, has signed a deal to build a new venue in space with SpaceX. In a statement on Space’s long-dormant website, organizers announced the collaboration between Elon Musk and the
storied Playa D’en Bossa venue.

On a structure connected to Musk’s Starlink system, the £20 billion venues will orbit around the earth. So will be able to head up once a week on the newly designed Falcon 69 rocket.

As part of the package, Space X proposed giving guests “two weeks of astronaut training”. However, the clubbers can only stay seven days on the satellite.

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The capacity of the new venue which is called Space Space, is only 100 clubbers, the promoter, two sound engineers, a guy on the lights, two bar staff, the DJ, and +10 guestlist spots.

Space X said that the company is aiming to have the venue operational “before 2030”.

But it seems that the owner Pepe Rosello is in hurry to have the project complete by 2026. Because it will be in time for the 10th anniversary of the club’s closure. Therefore he is urging Space X and Musk to make that happen.

“SpaceX Falcon team is making excellent progress – aiming for 60 launches this year including the SpaceX Space, Space.” Musk said.

Since the series of mysterious billboards that the venue put all over the White Isle, people had been waiting eagerly for more news. Some had believed they were alluding to news of a relaunch on the Island. But it appears that the plan is to head beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

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