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CyberKAT, a Cybertruck- Like EV Helps to blow the Snow


CyberKat - Spyker Workshop

Even if it hasn’t been produced yet, Tesla Cybertruck become an inspiration for many vehicle designers. The newest one is  CyberKat, which is a remote-controlled snowcat designed to clear snow in the heavy winter.

Ryan Butler of the startup Spyker Workshop has chosen the CyberKat perfect name.

From the first look, you can see the similarities between Tesla Cybertruck and CyberKat. From the sleek electric appearance, the sharp, angular silhouette, and almost no curves. And to give it the spirit of Cybertruck, they fitted the CyberKat with light bars that give it a futuristic feel.

CyberKAT specifications

The vehicle is a little bit big for a snowcat, being 29 inches (73.7 cm) long by 19 inches (48.3 cm) wide. With its ground clearance of 4.25 inches (10,8 cm), it will be able to glide across uneven terrain. The CyberKAT works on a standard 775 electric motor and four 12-volt lead-acid batteries. According to Spyker Workshop, setting the aluminum transmission to high speed can be so easy.

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The startup didn’t provide any figures about the power or speed.

The CyberKat comes with different accessories. The coolest one is a CyBlower. It’s like a snowblower on wheels, that you can control from your house while you are sitting near the fireplace. And it will surely help you to blow the snow away in no time.

The CyberKAT will ship to its first owners in a month or two. As Cybertruck it’s not going to be cheap. The price is as high as $1,499 depending on the additional options. Like $120 for the electronics kit to power it and $80 for the optional radio.

Cybertruck fans will absolutely like it. What about you, do you think The CyberKAT will ship on time, or it will postpone just like its analogous?

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