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An Adorable EV From Honda Bringing Happiness to Sick Children

Shogo the EV from Jonda

Shogo the EV from Jonda - Honda

There is nothing more precious than a smile you can draw on a child’s face, especially if the child is sick and has to stay in a hospital.

Honda with agency RPA developed “Project Courage” to bring happiness to hospital corridors during Christmas time. Shogo, or the “Soaring into the future,” in Japanese is a new unique EV from Honda. The automaker made Shogo mainly for little patients between the ages of 4 and 9. Bringing joy to their mandatory stay in the hospital.

How The EV for sick children works!

The EV is so easy to drive throw hallways. Kids can use the go/stop mechanism which is on the steering wheel. It can go with a speed that is limited to 5 mph (8 kph).

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There are no doors in Shogo, to make it easier for the little driver to ride. In addition, It has central comfortable seating and steering controls. Surely they didn’t forget the horn that will make the journey more pleasant with its different sounds.

“Every element of Shogo was designed to accommodate different needs of young children, making it as easy as possible to get in and out, simple to drive, and for the entire experience to leave them a bit happier,” The senior exterior designer of vehicles at Honda said.

The caretakers can also control the car with an IV pole holder and a push bar. A Teddy bear or any other toy can join the trip by seating in a bucket with is in front of the vehicle. And to make it more special, each kid can write its name and put it on a customizable license plate.

Currently, Honda’s adorable Shogo is at Children’s Health of Orange County in California.

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