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AirCar Flying Car Is Getting Closer to Mass Production

Flying car - AirCar

AirCar flying car / Klein Vision

Since the roads are becoming increasingly congested, the need for flying cars become a necessity. These air vehicles will be considered the future of transport between cities soon. Flying cars are becoming a reality.

The dream of a car-sized vehicle that you can drive on roads and make it fly in the skies too seems to be very close. We have seen various companies globally are working on this project but none of them make it true yet. Meanwhile, the flying car AirCar from Klein Vision, which uses a BMW engine, is getting closer to getting mass-produced.

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The first appearance of the AirCar was in 2020. And in June 2021, it completed the first flight inter-city. As for now, the Slovak Transport Authority gives the Certificate of Airworthiness to the AirCar flying car. But it wasn’t easy, the vehicle made more than 70 hours of testing, some of them are series of actions, and others touch and go.

With this new certification, the final goal of mass production is getting closer.

Stefan Klein, leader of the development team and the test pilot said  “AirCar certification opens the door for mass production of very efficient flying cars. It is official and the final confirmation of our ability to change mid-distance travel forever,”

Till now  Klein Vision is the only serious company that makes it that close to the real tangible production of a flying car. The public version of the flying car will have up to 1,000 km or 621 miles of range.

It has a 140 hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder BMW engine, with a ballistic parachute and a fixed propeller.

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