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AeroMobil Unveils AM NEXT, the First Four-Seater Flying Car

AeroMobil AM NEXT flying car

AeroMobil AM NEXT flying car - AeroMobil

AeroMobil, the Slovakian-based company, introduced AM NEXT. Which is the first four-seater flying car. It is a perfect solution for door-to-door ride-hailing travel.

The first flying car concept from AeroMobil is back in the 2010s. In 2013, the company unveiled the first prototype. Now it has a fourth-generation AeroMobil AM4.0, which is a luxury personal vehicle with two seats. The company said that this vehicle can go from road to sky in less than three minutes.

AM NEXT will use AM4.0’s proof of concept of engineering. AeroMobil says that its new vehicle is going to operate on regional routes. It will cover between 100 and 500-mile (161 and 805-km) distances.

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According to AeroMobil, AM NEXT will boast “major advantages over other Advanced Air Mobility solutions.” The company will be in charge of the customer experience by creating a flight booking app.

Patrick Hessel, CEO of AeroMobil said, “Coinciding with the announcement of AM NEXT, we are touring the prototype 2-seater AM4.0 flying car in the United States, with public viewing and with private appointments for investors, buyers, and operators.”

It will be on display in The Hiller Aviation Museum in Silicon Valley. The flying car will also be at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los AngelAngeles from March 22nd until March 29th.

AeroMobil hopes to launch the AM NEXT in 2027. Till now we haven’t seen any flying car really flying in the sky. Maybe because there isn’t a dedicated infrastructure or regulations set in place for those vehicles.

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