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Elon Musk’s Starbase: A City With Spaceport to Mars and the Moon

Prototypes of SpaceX's Starship

Prototypes of SpaceX's Starship systems at the company site in Cameron County, Texas. Image: SpaceX/Instagram

All those who work at the launch site, those who intend to fly on the rocket, and be a tourist destination, and especially for those who want to witness the awesome power of a launch, be ready because Elon Musk has a surprise for you.

Elon Musk’s fans know that his dream is to found a settlement on Mars, but his latest plan is to establish a city on Earth. SpaceX has begun assembling what is set to become Starbase largest Starship manufacturing facility. Starbase city, Located around the SpaceX South Texas launch site at Boca Chica.

As Musk hopes, this place will be a departure for people travelling to Mars,  each  ‘Starship’ vehicle will be capable of transporting around 100 people at a time to Mars.

The importance of this project for Musk

Transforming the village of Boca Chica into the city of Starship, Texas, may be essential for musk to realise his vision of space exploration.

It started in 2014 when SpaceX announced its intention to build a launch facility at Boca Chica Village, on the US Gulf Coast. Following an extensive environmental assessment conducted by the US Federal Aviation Authority.

Since SpaceX company owned the Boca Chica site, Musk won’t have to use the US government or NASA sites to launch his Falcon rockets. While most residents of Boca Chica village residents sold up to SpaceX and moved away, a few refused the deal. Unfortunately, they must now temporarily evacuate their homes whenever there is a launch.

Starship by SpaceX is a next-generation design. Standing 50 metres tall and 9 metres in diameter. Much of its internal space will be living quarters or turning it to carry cargo. The Super Heavy rocket that will take it to space is 70 metres tall. This rocket will be powered initially by 29 SpaceX’s Raptor engines.

Major construction work of The launch site’s pace of development began in earnest in 2016. And that place became ready for test launches in 2019. Such amazingly fast progress has become something of a trademark for SpaceX.

SpaceX began referring to the Boca Chica site as Starbase in March. And it’s now getting ready to launch its first orbital test flight of the Starship and Super Heavy combination.

“We’ve seen that Elon can get things done. He has the drive to do it. I think there is a good chance that he will,” says Josh Baker, National Space Centre, Leicester, before adding, “Or it will ruin him. And that’ll be the end of it.”

Starbase is going to be one of the most important launch sites on Earth. Because from this place the spacecraft that will return astronauts to the Moon will launch.

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